Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Slime Trail Continues

Investors Hub-No Shame

Head of one of your subs indicted for stock fraud with his band of punks and mafiosas; no prob. Being hammered on ADFN message boards? No prob, just close them down and threaten members with bans if they persist.

Undisclosed shills affiliated with the loathsome Tina Vasqez of Chapel Hill NC, who pumps her ass like a two bit whore with the fleet in town, spamming a new company on IFlub; no prob.

The latest pump by IFlub posters Rawnoc and Brig is a wannabe nuclear power company, Alternative Energy Holdings (stink sheets AEHI). The company's claim to fame is trying to con Elmore County, Idaho into rezoning 1,200 acres of land to allow them to construct a nuclear reactor.

AEHI hsd never built or operated a nuclear reactor. AEHI does not have the capital to build and operate a nuclear reactor. And AEHI shills lie out their ass.

Like the Rawnoc claim that AEHI has a $70 million commitment from Source Capital of Connecticut. Utter bullshit.

According to a Source Capital official, they have agreed to "assist" the scam in raising capital, "pending due diligence". "Scam" is my word, not Source's.

And according to an NRC spokesman, the last communication they had with this scam was a year ago, and the time from submitting a clean application to approval is 3 1/4 to 4 years. "Scam" is my word again.

At least one Elmore County commissioner has received threatening calls for her opposition to the project. Commissioners Rose and Shaw did not respond to telephone calls.

And now IFlub's Dave Lawrence is not only allowing board mod censorship of critics of scams, he is banning IP's of those who dare speak the truth.

They don't call him dirty dave for nothing.


DaveinHackensack said...

Just found out about your post by one of the legit commenters on I-Hub. Nice work you're doing here. You may be interested in this post I wrote on my site, about another company hyped on I-Hub by Rawnoc and Brig, Vertical Branding (now VBDG.PK). I was banned from the VBDG message board by Dan Brown shortly after I posted that.

That experience highlighted to me the need for a message board where commenters are allowed to make skeptical or bearish comments without getting banned by pumpers. I am developing a site that does just that, in addition to providing objective tools to evaluate the financial strength of companies. If you'd like to see a demo version of it, send me an e-mail via the address on my blog.



Margaret said...

Spent 14 years in Nuclear Industry & management Bos Ed. Have never heard of Gillespie of AEHI in the Industry.
He has changed his resume, when queried about his Master's and knowing the industry, there is no way he could have credibly worked at all of the facilties, unless he worked for some "radwaste contractor", and the level of technical competence is approximately equivalent to that of the laborers union. Many of the rad waste managers are nothing more than salesmen & BS artists. That is my Gut instinct on AEHI and Gillespie. I would not go near this company with a 10 foot pole. I have been receiving mailings, thru mass mailings to the public selling this company as an investment. This is a scam and the word needs to hit the street.