Monday, June 1, 2009

Altomare Cert Denied

Fiat Indictments

The Supreme Court of the United States has denied the appeal of Richard Altomare, Scammer in Chief of the defunct Universal Express, an OTC BB company that stole over forty million dollars from investors.

Altomare is amazing in his arrogance, protesting to the end that a ten year old Bankruptcy Court ruling allowed him to sell 40 billion unregistered shares to investors based on absolutely fake claims about his non-existent business.

Well, Dick, it's over. End of the road. Last Train to Clarksville. &c.

If the DOJ has been shy about well deserved criminal indictments because of the pending SCOTUS appeal, then they need be shy no longer.

Come on, guys in South Florida. Altomare is an arrogant maggot of a gonif who has been giving you the finger for years.

Throw his ass in jail.


Carl said...

Praise Jesus!

Carl said...

Screw Kalantzis!

The BIG Dope!

stockman12345 said...

you people can't be serious...this co. is one of the very few that is making money.soon to be on the nasdaq market it seems. just the facts shorts, just the facts !!! sorry you lost money or didn't buy. but...posting lies dos not help your cause. i see the minimum wage just went up. maybe tou can now affoed to buy a few shares !!