Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Slime Trail Continues

Investors Hub-No Shame

Head of one of your subs indicted for stock fraud with his band of punks and mafiosas; no prob. Being hammered on ADFN message boards? No prob, just close them down and threaten members with bans if they persist.

Undisclosed shills affiliated with the loathsome Tina Vasqez of Chapel Hill NC, who pumps her ass like a two bit whore with the fleet in town, spamming a new company on IFlub; no prob.

The latest pump by IFlub posters Rawnoc and Brig is a wannabe nuclear power company, Alternative Energy Holdings (stink sheets AEHI). The company's claim to fame is trying to con Elmore County, Idaho into rezoning 1,200 acres of land to allow them to construct a nuclear reactor.

AEHI hsd never built or operated a nuclear reactor. AEHI does not have the capital to build and operate a nuclear reactor. And AEHI shills lie out their ass.

Like the Rawnoc claim that AEHI has a $70 million commitment from Source Capital of Connecticut. Utter bullshit.

According to a Source Capital official, they have agreed to "assist" the scam in raising capital, "pending due diligence". "Scam" is my word, not Source's.

And according to an NRC spokesman, the last communication they had with this scam was a year ago, and the time from submitting a clean application to approval is 3 1/4 to 4 years. "Scam" is my word again.

At least one Elmore County commissioner has received threatening calls for her opposition to the project. Commissioners Rose and Shaw did not respond to telephone calls.

And now IFlub's Dave Lawrence is not only allowing board mod censorship of critics of scams, he is banning IP's of those who dare speak the truth.

They don't call him dirty dave for nothing.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Did IHub Pump and Dump Drive Miami Prosecutor to Violence?

Sure this is speculative, but I blog from my parents' basement in my PJ's, so I'm entitled.

Today's Miami News reports that veteran Dade County prosecutor David Ranck was suspended after an altercation with a pizza delivery lady resulted in his punching her out.

Now granted, and as anybody who has ever read a Carl Hiaasen novel knows, life in Mr. Flagler's city can be stressful on a good day, but what could possibly goad a proper, gated-community-dwelling public servant into attacking a pizza lady?

We think we know, and it wasn't the anchovies.

Despite criminal indictments of Investor's Hub founder Matt Brown and a gaggle of fellow scammers the site continues to be infested with a variety of pump and dump artists operating with seeming impunity.

Like the Chapel Hill based JTV Management and Consulting, LLC, of which the repulsive and undisclosed shill Tina Marie (tmstocks on IHub) is a principal.

One of her recent promotions took took the obscure, barely trading stink sheet Papa Bello's Enterprises to a volume of over a billion shares in a month, and a brief 50% increase in price, which of course subsequently collapsed. The hype was based on expansion of the pizza hawker via franchises and, of course, the fabulously obscure China market (do you know why cheese is not big in China? Most adult Asians are lactose intolerant). This is what a pump and dump looks like.

Standard IHub tactics in the illegal promotion are spelled out in Brown's indictment: wash trades, censorship of dissenting board posts, private messages purporting to have insider information, &C, and dear Tina, a board "moderator" was in the thick of it with her faithful companion shills "Rawnoc" and "Brig".

Clearly Ranck was sucked into the pump, and developed an irrational hatred for all things Italian. There is no other logical explanation for his behavior.

And there is no logical explanation for IHub parent company ADVFN allowing Brown to remain in his position, and to continuing to allow this slimeball message board to continue in the active pump and dump business.

cc SEC

Monday, June 1, 2009

Altomare Cert Denied

Fiat Indictments

The Supreme Court of the United States has denied the appeal of Richard Altomare, Scammer in Chief of the defunct Universal Express, an OTC BB company that stole over forty million dollars from investors.

Altomare is amazing in his arrogance, protesting to the end that a ten year old Bankruptcy Court ruling allowed him to sell 40 billion unregistered shares to investors based on absolutely fake claims about his non-existent business.

Well, Dick, it's over. End of the road. Last Train to Clarksville. &c.

If the DOJ has been shy about well deserved criminal indictments because of the pending SCOTUS appeal, then they need be shy no longer.

Come on, guys in South Florida. Altomare is an arrogant maggot of a gonif who has been giving you the finger for years.

Throw his ass in jail.