Sunday, May 24, 2009

Matt Brown: Felon


There are lots of scammers in the world, and sadly that's the damned truth.

Investors Hub is riddled with pump and dump artists, from rawnoc to tmstocks. It reeks of fraud.

And now Matt "we are a neutral forum" Brown, founder of the scam site has been named in multiple criminal indictments for using Investor's Hub to run pump and dump schemes in conjunction with his boy-toy and possibly the Mafia.

He and his boyz "only" stole six million or so, so what's the big deal?

Oh, gosh, violation of public trust, gross hypocrisy, and common theft leap to mind.

Amazingly, ADVFN, parent company of IHub has been silent, and Brown seems to retain his position at IHub. The boy-toy has gone missing, although a money laundering bust did force him to leave the LAMBO behind. We ache for his loss.

Word has it that mattie poo, named in a separate indictment, is singing his little heart out. Maybe the little fuckface can bargain his sentence down to five years. At thirty one when it ends he will have plenty of time to scam again.

And he will.

If you want all the gory details, they are here.

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