Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ADVFN Comes a Cropper

ADVFN Comes a Cropper

Well, we finally heard from Clem of the mighty ADVFN, and what we got was...crickets.

No prob, according to Clem. Matt Brown, head of IHub indicted on criminal charges? Hey:

Just as in TV and Film , the public face of our products, be they in the US, the UK, Brazil, Italy or otherwise, get a disproportionate amount of attention, in the same way as a news presenter or a talk show host does on a TV channel. These profiles are all part of the product offering but they are not a pivotal business continuity issue. iHub is a community of smart, seasoned stock speculators that we feel is big enough to sit back and await the outcome of this situation without pre-judgement.

No prob, clem. Just because the head of your property has been scamming for years, and conspiring with others to do so using your IHub property, and finally got indicted, it's not to worry.

Yeah. Crickets.

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